Mac Mini First Gen Sketch

Just like last year, I thought I’d note down my thoughts about WWDC, make some predictions, and then after WWDC go back here and compare it to what actually got announced.

  • I think it’s Mac Pro time. As in, not necessarily a new Mac Pro, but rather a successor. My guess is a beefed-up Mac mini (maybe a little larger). Several separate Thunderbolt lanes to make up for the missing room for PCI cards.
  • We will see the next iOS. No idea what will be in it.
  • Rumors around the ‘net say Apple pulled people off MacOS to finish iOS, so while I think we’ll get a MacOS announcement, we might not get a new MacOS right away. If we do, it’ll probably be a simpler update. A few iOS features, a few incremental improvements. Hopefully we’ll finally see a coherent story emerge instead of the weird Launch Pad/Finder dichotomy.
  • I think there will be other Mac updates. All Macs are pretty much overdue for an update these days. But I’m not sure we’ll see updates for all of them at WWDC.
  • I wish for a MacBook Air 11″ Retina. Something fast, portable with room for more RAM. I think it’s difficult – Retina displays of an MBA size are pretty much like an iPad display, but a Mac needs a more powerful GPU than an iPad because it runs several apps at once and can attach large external displays – but I think we’re close enough to get these now. The main issue as I understand it is power consumption. The MBA 11 doesn’t provide much room for a battery to begin with, and more pixels and a suitable GPU need more power as well. But Intel’s new CPUs supposedly use less power, so maybe that provides the savings needed to have power to squander on a Retina display and GPU.

That’s all I have. Feel free to leave your ideas and thoughts in the comments.

Update: Struck through the things that didn't happen.