Now, I don’t have any clue about anything, nor inside knowledge, and I have a terrible track record at predicting Apple’s actions, but because it’s fun and almost a tradition, here’s my predictions for WWDC:

  • Mac OS X 10.8 – Pretty much as you’d expect, no big new stuff.
  • iOS 6 – The poster’s been leaked. I have no clue what’s in it.
  • No product-line-wide Mac revision. Maybe individual ones, but not all of them at once. My guess is the Mac Pro will die (but not at WWDC, that’s too many Mac pro users in one place), and iMac and Mac mini will get beefed up now that they can’t cannibalize Mac Pro sales anymore and Thunderbolt can be a replacement for most expansion slot devices. If it’s the MacBook (Pro) and MacBook Air, the lines will be unified into flat notebooks without optical drives.
  • App Store and SDK for the Apple TV.
  • No new iPhone. The 4S is only 8 months old.

Feel free to leave your counter-arguments, predictions, links to your prediction list on your blog etc. in the comments.

Update: Struck through the things that didn’t happen.

  • Yes, the whole product line wasn’t revised, and, yes, the new MacBook Pro became a MacBook Air as predicted, but the old MacBook Pros are still there, and Apple actually announced a new Mac Pro for next year, and slightly speed-bumped the current ones. I think the general road map I devised for the Mac Pro will still happen, but I obviously didn’t get it right.
  • Nothing Apple TV related at all. sniff!