I'm reading this GG stuff and how they send threats and … I just hope it ends well and those @$$es get prosecuted for their horrible deeds.

When women simply voice their opinion on games, or make a game and get threatened with rape and death and have to leave their homes, and people support the initiative in whose name those threats have been made instead of founding their own, more sensible initiative, it is a sign of a mob.

I play games. And I'm embarrassed by these childish, hate-mongering people. Games are about challenge, fun, escapism, expression, inclusion. GG is pure newspeak. They start at good things, then reverse them. Supporting something is manipulation, while benefiting from something is OK? Really?

Intel made a huge mistake by giving in to the GG terrorist demands and taking down their ads. But they can fix it. They can take a stance. Intel can show them that you don't blackmail a company that is in the right with hate speech.

I try not to be political on this blog, but that's where these monsters have driven me. I don't want this world they have given me. I want great developers and great journalists to be safe from these monsters. I don't know what to do. But I can't be quiet about this.

To good people supporting GG: Get away from this toxic group. Come up with your own that expresses what you believe, because GG surely doesn't. Don't risk being complicit in the proliferation of hate.