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What it means to be a gamer

I’m reading this GG stuff and how they send threats and … I just hope it ends well and those @$$es get prosecuted for their horrible deeds.

When women simply voice their opinion on games, or make a game and get threatened with rape and death and have to leave their homes, and people support the initiative in whose name those threats have been made instead of founding their own, more sensible initiative, it is a sign of a mob.

I play games. And I’m embarrassed by these childish, hate-mongering people. Games are about challenge, fun, escapism, expression, inclusion. GG is pure newspeak. They start at good things, then reverse them. Supporting something is manipulation, while benefiting from something is OK? Really?

Intel made a huge mistake by giving in to the GG terrorist demands and taking down their ads. But they can fix it. They can take a stance. Intel can show them that you don’t blackmail a company that is in the right with hate speech.

I try not to be political on this blog, but that’s where these monsters have driven me. I don’t want this world they have given me. I want great developers and great journalists to be safe from these monsters. I don’t know what to do. But I can’t be quiet about this.

To good people supporting GG: Get away from this toxic group. Come up with your own that expresses what you believe, because GG surely doesn’t. Don’t risk being complicit in the proliferation of hate.

WWDC 2013 predictions

MacMiniFirstGenSketchJust like last year, I thought I’d note down my thoughts about WWDC, make some predictions, and then after WWDC go back here and compare it to what actually got announced.

  • I think it’s Mac Pro time. As in, not necessarily a new Mac Pro, but rather a successor. My guess is a beefed-up Mac mini (maybe a little larger). Several separate Thunderbolt lanes to make up for the missing room for PCI cards.
  • We will see the next iOS. No idea what will be in it.
  • Rumors around the ‘net say Apple pulled people off MacOS to finish iOS, so while I think we’ll get a MacOS announcement, we might not get a new MacOS right away. If we do, it’ll probably be a simpler update. A few iOS features, a few incremental improvements. Hopefully we’ll finally see a coherent story emerge instead of the weird Launch Pad/Finder dichotomy.
  • I think there will be other Mac updates. All Macs are pretty much overdue for an update these days. But I’m not sure we’ll see updates for all of them at WWDC.
  • I wish for a MacBook Air 11″ Retina. Something fast, portable with room for more RAM. I think it’s difficult – Retina displays of an MBA size are pretty much like an iPad display, but a Mac needs a more powerful GPU than an iPad because it runs several apps at once and can attach large external displays – but I think we’re close enough to get these now. The main issue as I understand it is power consumption. The MBA 11 doesn’t provide much room for a battery to begin with, and more pixels and a suitable GPU need more power as well. But Intel’s new CPUs supposedly use less power, so maybe that provides the savings needed to have power to squander on a Retina display and GPU.

That’s all I have. Feel free to leave your ideas and thoughts in the comments.

WWDC 2012 predictions


Now, I don’t have any clue about anything, nor inside knowledge, and I have a terrible track record at predicting Apple’s actions, but because it’s fun and almost a tradition, here’s my predictions for WWDC:

  • Mac OS X 10.8 – Pretty much as you’d expect, no big new stuff.
  • iOS 6 – The poster’s been leaked. I have no clue what’s in it.
  • No product-line-wide Mac revision. Maybe individual ones, but not all of them at once. My guess is the Mac Pro will die (but not at WWDC, that’s too many Mac pro users in one place), and iMac and Mac mini will get beefed up now that they can’t cannibalize Mac Pro sales anymore and Thunderbolt can be a replacement for most expansion slot devices. If it’s the MacBook (Pro) and MacBook Air, the lines will be unified into flat notebooks without optical drives.
  • App Store and SDK for the Apple TV.
  • No new iPhone. The 4S is only 8 months old.

Feel free to leave your counter-arguments, predictions, links to your prediction list on your blog etc. in the comments.

Update: Struck through the things that didn’t happen.

  • Yes, the whole product line wasn’t revised, and, yes, the new MacBook Pro became a MacBook Air as predicted, but the old MacBook Pros are still there, and Apple actually announced a new Mac Pro for next year, and slightly speed-bumped the current ones. I think the general road map I devised for the Mac Pro will still happen, but I obviously didn’t get it right.
  • Nothing Apple TV related at all. sniff!